Terms and Conditions

I. General provisions and definitions:

1.General business terms and conditions talk about the business relationship between the buyer and the company:

Business name:

Martin Karniš – Eliteanglers

Place of business:

Záhonok 1685/23, 96001 Zvolen


51109727 ,

zapísaná : (OU-ZV-OZP-2019/014892-2 č.živnostenského registra 670-26931)



concluded via the website www.eliteanglers.sk

2.The seller is understood to be the internet shop operator www.eliteanglers.sk

2. Buyer means an individual or legal person who has entered into a business relationship with the seller by sending an electronic order.

3. By electronic order is understood the sent electronic form, containing information about the buyer, the list of ordered goods and the total price of the order.

4. The parties agree that the Buyer, by sending an order to the Seller, confirms that he agrees that these General Terms and Conditions will apply to all purchase contracts concluded on the e-commerce website operated by the Seller, on the basis of which the Seller will deliver the goods presented in e-commerce to the buyer, and any relationship between the buyer and the seller arising from the conclusion of the purchase contract and product complaint.

II. Ordering and submitting the contract:

1. By submitting the completed buyer’s electronic form to the seller, a proposal for a commercial agreement between the buyer and the seller is established.

All received electronic orders are considered as a proposal for a commercial agreement and are considered as binding on both parties.

2. The validity of an electronic order is a true and complete completion of all the details and particulars in the order form, namely:

-identification details of the buyer (name and surname, exact and complete address for delivery of the goods, e-mail address, telephone number), in the case of legal person, entrepreneur and ID, VAT ID

– Specification of ordered goods (number and title of goods, size, colour, etc.) and its quantity (i.e., the number of pieces ordered)

– price and method of payment for goods,

– location and method of delivery

The buyer’s order, which does not contain the data necessary for performance of the contract and the delivery of the goods, the seller will disregard. The conclusion of the purchase contract will be confirmed to the buyer by sending the message to the e-mail address indicated in the order.

3. In the case of an order made under the specific requirements of the buyer or at order price higher than EUR 100, the seller is entitled to require payment from the buyer in advance by means of an advance invoice.

4. The buyer has the right to cancel the order only on the date of the binding acceptance of the order by the seller, in case the goods have not yet been delivered to the buyer by the seller. An order can only be cancelled in writing (by email or mail). Confirmation of the cancellation of the order is communicated to the buyer in writing (by email or by mail).

III. Withdrawal from the contract

1. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving any reason within 14 days if it is not the sale of goods made according to the specific requirements of the customer, the goods manufactured for tailor-made goods or goods specifically for one customer. The fourteenth day period begins on the day when the buyer or the person authorized by him, with the exception of the carrier, takes over the goods.

2. In the event of withdrawal, the Buyer undertakes to return the goods to the seller without any defects. The goods must not be damaged or used. Withdrawal from the contract by customer must be done in written form (letter) or in another form of durable medium such as e-mail: info@eliteanglers.sk. Buyer may also use the form available for download HERE. Buyer is obliged to send the goods within 14 days to seller’s address: Martin Karniš, Záhonok 1685/23, Zvolen 96001, Slovakia together with the invoice (also by written withdrawal from the contract not sent by e-mail). The return product is not accepted if sent by a cash on delivery. This product is not accepted and it is returned to buyer. The withdrawal period shall be deemed to have been observed if the notice of withdrawal has been sent no later than the last day of the period.

3.The costs associated with returning the goods shall be paid by the buyer. The goods must be sent by registered and insured mail (the seller is not liable for any loss or damage during transport). The buyer is liable for any reduction in the value of the goods as a result of handling it other than what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

If the goods lose their value, the seller is entitled to refund the buyer by reduced cost of returned product, if the products have changed in the condition, quality and the functionality and this is related directly to the use and handling of the goods.

4. The seller undertakes to take over the goods and return the amount paid to the buyer within 14 days from receiving the returned goods to the account which the buyer stated on the form.

5. The seller reserves the right to cancel the order (withdrawal from the contract) or its part if:

– the product is not produced or ceased to be produced

-the price of the product or parts of the product has changed

-exposed product price was incorrect

IV. Terms of Delivery

1. The place of performance of the contract shall be the place of residence, place of business or place of business of the buyer listed in the electronic order form. The goods will be delivered to the seller via the Slovak Post Service

2. The delivery of the ordered goods will be realized in the shortest possible time, according to the seller’s operating possibilities. The order is usually shipped within 1 to 24 calendar days after it is confirmed by the seller. In the event of a longer delivery period, the Buyer will promptly inform the Buyer about this fact.

3. The buyer is obliged to take over the goods at the place indicated in the electronic order form that was indicated by buyer’s order to the seller. In the event of not taking over the goods by the buyer, the seller reserves the right to claim his loss for the damage occurred. If the buyer fails to accept the delivery at the first delivery attempt and requests the re-delivery of the order, he is obliged to pay both the first and the re-delivery costs. After 14 days from the date the buyer was required to take over the goods, the seller is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract.

4. The delivery of the order is done when handing it over to the buyer or by handing the order for delivery to the first carrier.

5. The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until the full payment from the buyer.

6. The buyer is required to check the delivery, i.e. the goods, as well as the packaging, as soon as it is received. If the buyer finds that the goods or packaging of the goods is mechanically damaged, he is required to notify this to the carrier and check the condition of the goods in his presence. If the goods are damaged, the Buyer is obliged to make a record – a claim for the extent and nature of the damage to the goods certified by the carrier. The seller does not accept claims of goods that are obviously damaged by the shipment that the shipping service is responsible for.

V. Payment and shipping method

1. The Buyer is obliged to pay the price for the ordered goods in one of the following ways:

– bank transfer to the seller’s account

– direct deposit to the seller’s account

– cash on delivery

Buyer is reimbursing the price for the ordered goods via bank transfer or direct deposit to the seller’s account: SK 0909000000005163182868

2. Payment made by online banking or direct deposit to the account must be done within three business days of dispatching the seller’s confirmation of receiving the order. If the payment is not credited to the seller’s bank account within 14 business days of receiving the order, the seller will cancel the order.

3. The seller reserves the right to require the pay in advance from the buyer, in particular, for orders as specified in Art. II (3). In the case of a refusal to pay the order in advance, the buyer considers the order to be invalid.

4. We deliver the ordered goods:

a) on the territory of the Slovak Republic in the following ways:

Slovak Mail – cash on delivery, 1st class –5, – EUR

Slovak Post – not cash on delivery, 1st class -6, – EUR

b) on the territory of the Czech Republic in the following ways:

Courier service – cash on delivery 6,80, – EUR

Courier service – free of charge 5,80, – euro

If the parcel weights over 5 kg, the individual shipping price can be applied and we will inform the customer in advance.

VI. Purchase price

1. Buyer is obligated to pay the seller the purchase price of the goods agreed in the purchase contract or according to the seller’s pricelist at the time of conclusion of the purchase contract, including delivery costs.

VII. Warranty and Claims

1. The seller shall provide a guarantee of at least 24 months on purchased goods, unless otherwise stated on the delivered goods. The warranty begins to run from the date of delivering the goods to the buyer.

2. The seller is responsible for defects in the sold goods due to defects in material, functional error or production defects.

3. The right for warranty expires when the defect has been caused by mechanical damage to the product by the buyer, misapplication of the product, and also the non-observance of the Instructions for maintenance and care of the goods listed on the seller’s online store, the failure to notify the obvious defects while taking over the delivery, using the product in conditions which do not reflect their humidity, chemical and mechanical effects on the natural environment of the goods, neglect of the care of the goods, excessive damage to goods, general principles, or other breaks of warranty conditions. The warranty also excludes mistakes caused by natural disasters and the expiry of the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to the normal wearing of the item (or its parts) caused by use.

4. The buyer receives an invoice for each order, which is considered as a receipt and needs to be kept in case of a complaint.

5. When claiming, the Buyer is obligated, after prior e-mail or telephone agreement with the seller, to deliver the claimed product clean, mechanically undamaged with enclosed photocopy of the invoice to: Martin Karniš, Záhonok 1685/23, 96001 Zvolen, Slovak Republic with exact description of the defect of the product on the complaint protocol. Complaint protocol is available for download HERE.

6. Buyer’s rights to claim:

– If a damage is removable, the buyer is entitled to have this damage removed properly free of charge and on time. The seller decides how to fix the error and removes the error promptly.

The buyer may request instead of removing the error (correction) the exchange of the wrong item for damage free one if there are no excessive costs occurred to the seller in relation to the price of the goods or the seriousness of the error.

– In the case of an unrecoverable damage that prevents the proper use of the item for the purpose, the buyer has the right either to exchange the item or to withdraw from the purchase contract.

7. After the claim is made by the buyer, the seller shall be obliged to determine the method of handling the complaint immediately, in complex cases within three working days, in justified cases, in particular if a complex technical assessment of the condition of the product or service is required, within 30 days at the latest. After determining how the complaint is handled, the claim will be rectified immediately, and in justified cases the complaint may be recovered later; However, the claim may not take longer than 30 days from the date of the claim. After the expiration of the deadline for handling the claim, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or has the right to exchange the product for a new product.

VIII. Privacy

1. Our company fully respects your privacy. In order to quickly and efficiently process orders, we need to know some of your personal data. Some data provided in the use of business services have the nature of personal data under Act no. 122/2013 Z.z. on the Protection of Personal Data as amended. Our company is fully governed by this law.

2.List of processed data:

Billing information:

Name and surname / Trade name *

Address of permanent residence / registered office *


Delivery Details:

Name and surname of recipient

Delivery address

Recipient’s phone number

Contact information

Contact person *

Phone number – for order confirmation, payment receipt, customer communication.

E-mail address – for order delivery, emergency communication if customer is not available on the phone number.

Information about your orders – for the needs of arranging the orders and solving of any complaints.

*) Only for company registrations

3. The seller does not provide the buyer’s personal data to any third party, nor does the buyer’s personal information are available or disclosed anywhere. Providing the personal data by buyer is voluntary; but if the buyer does not provide the necessary personal data to the seller, the purchase contract is not considered to be valid and the buyer’s order is disregarded.

4. The seller provides your data to transport companies (Slovak Post) who carry goods to customers.

Scope of personal data provided to these companies:

– name and surname

– Delivery address

– telephone number

– E-mail address

5. The buyer gives the seller the consent to processing of his personal data for an indefinite period of time. The buyer can withdraw this consent at any time in writing. The consent will expire within 1 month of receiving the withdrawal of consent from the buyer to the seller and the data will be erased.

6. The Customer may apply his rights under Act No. 122/2013 Z.z. by e-mail at: info@eliteanglers.sk.

IX. Final provisions

1. These General Business Terms and Conditions shall apply as stated on the Operator’s website on the date of dispatch of the electronic order.

2. By submitting an electronic order, the buyer accepts all the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the Complaint Rules in force on the day of dispatch of this order without reservation.

3. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally modify or supplement the General Terms and Conditions. Any changes to the General Terms and Conditions shall take effect on the date of their publication on the website www.eliteanglers.sk. Legal relationships resulting from the purchase contract are always governed by the general business terms and conditions effective at the time of the binding order of the goods.

4. Relationships between the two parties which are not governed by these General Business Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code and other relevant legislation.

5. Shown colours on the pictures in the internet shop like colour t-shirts, jersey colours and print colours may differ from reality. Colour variation may be caused by various computer monitor settings.

The dimensions of the textile on our site are given with 8% tolerance.

These Terms and Conditions enter into force on September 14, 2018